Burial Insurance -What Does AARP Life Insurance Offer Me?


Enjoying retirement and spending quality time with loved ones is even better when families are not stressed about finances. This article discusses AARP Life insurance rates. AARP Life Insurance Programs from New York Life Insurance will help AARP members who are 50 – 80 years old. So whether you are looking for Term or Permanent Life Insurance coverage – you can check out AARP burial insurance.

AARP life insurance quotes are provided directly through AARP. However you can get burial insurance quotes with lower rates from other top insurance companies. How can we be so sure?  First of all we do not represent AARP, we’re their competitors. We’re independent agents and we’re working for you. We find obtain burial insurance quotes for our customers with the lowest rates possible. In addition you should see other customers are saying about AARP life in this Consumer Reports review

You can get burial insurance quotes online from the top 10 life insurance companies. With that said feel free to read the review of the company below and learn about their products.

What does Burial Insurance through AARP Life Insurance NY cover?

Term Life Insurance is a temporary policy that protects your loved ones, its flexible enough to meet your changing needs. If your children have already moved out and graduated from college, you may be hoping to help your grandchildren reach the same goals. AARP insurance through New York Life Insurance Company can help make sure the money is available to family members to pay expenses even if you are no longer with them.

Traveling and enjoying your free time are perks of getting older and being financially secure. Taking a cruise in the tropics, hiking through the Alps, or exploring Greece or Italy will create memories, but may also generate debt. It is easy to use credit cards to simplify paying in different countries and not having to worry about carrying cash. Term life insurance can help loved ones pay off household debt in the event the policyholder dies. A burial insurance policy also helps to cover the costs of the funeral. 

Coverage with a life AARP includes up to $100,000 of protection for members who are between the ages of 50-74. Health and other information are needed to qualify, but no medical exam is required. AARP Life Insurance quotes and rates will make sure loved ones can continue in a lifestyle they are accustomed to when a spouse or significant other dies.

Peace of Mind with Permanent Life Insurance Coverage

Health concerns are common for many people as they get older. Family members often think about how a spouse or significant other will be able to meet final expenses or pay for funeral costs after a death. AARP Life Insurance NY offers permanent coverage up to $50,000 to members ages 50-80. With guaranteed acceptance after answering three simple health questions, there is no waiting period before coverage starts and the insurance rates will not go up as you get older.

Members complete a simple application online or through the mail in most states. All insurance companies provide a free look period as required by state insurance requirements.  AARP members receive a full refund by cancelling the policy during the free look period.  Another benefit of burial insurance through AARP Life is a waiver of premium for qualified nursing home confinements. An older person never knows when he might require nursing home care. You do not make premium payment during nursing home confinement, and your policy remains active.

Other Benefits of AARP Life Insurance NY

Accelerated benefits and cash value are also key advantages of AARP Life Insurance with New York Life. The future is never guaranteed, hence members diagnosed as terminal gain access to half of the death benefit amount. This money can help pay medical expenses or provide an opportunity to make lasting memories with loved ones. No benefit is paid if death results from suicide in the first two years of coverage.

Cash value is one of the best features of permanent life insurance coverage with AARP. Your policy is accumulating cash value through your premium payments. The cash value is yours to use however you want through low interest loans. You can purchase a home, pay for a once in a lifetime family reunion, or a variety of other situations. Members can take advantage of these extra benefits in addition to AARP life insurance rates by contacting customer service. Certainly AARP is a strong organization and provides a variety of benefits to its members. However AARP life insurance rates are more expensive than other carriers available to you. Contact us today to get your free burial insurance quotes, we have carriers with the best burial insurance rates for seniors. 

A Summary of AARP Life Insurance NY

Life insurance can be one of the best legacies you can leave to your family. Life is unpredictable and knowing you have excellent coverage through a reputable company will give you peace of mind. A burial insurance policy can help you insure the financial future of your loved ones. 

An affordable policy with almost guaranteed acceptance for everyone is just one of the perks of AARP membership. The company provides a group policy through a mutually beneficial arrangement with New York Life. AARP on the other hand,  receives payment from NY Life Insurance when a member starts a new policy. AARP Life Insurance NY are actually two companies working together to offer their members life insurance coverage.

We’ve given a balanced review of AARP life insurance company, however there is better coverage and rates available to you. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your insurance needs. Our licensed experts are waiting to help you through the process. Get your burial insurance quotes today by calling us at 866-936-3831. Gary W Blackmon helps senior and families from California to New York find affordable life insurance.