American Income Life Insurance Company Review


When it comes to choosing a life insurance product, you want the peace of mind that you are purchasing a life product that will be financially stable and the process as easy as possible for your grieving family. In this article, we review American Income Life Insurance Company and their claim they pride themselves on superior customer service. They also claim to being a strong advocate for the working class family in all aspects of their lives.

We are trying to present a balanced review in this article, to be clear we are an independent agency, and therefore competitors of American Income Life Insurance. We recommend that you read the complaints from customers before purchasing this product. You may also wish to look at other cheaper life insurance options that are available by clicking the “View Your Quotes” button above.

American Income Life History

American Income Life Insurance Company protects working families by partnering with credit unions, labor unions as well as associations to prove individuals and their families’ portable insurance coverage that they can take with them even if they change jobs. It also markets some group policies to schools, churches, 4-H Clubs, youth groups and more.

In 1961, American Income Life Insurance began providing supplemental insurance to members of labor unions and helping union policyholders in ways unfamiliar to the industry at that time. Most notably, American Income Life waived payment of premiums by union members during an authorized strike action; a benefit still offered.  The company is waiving premium payments up to three months during a qualified layoff and never need to be repaid.

American Income Life Insurance Company Has Strong Financials

American Income Life is an A+ (Superior) Financial Strength Rating from A.M. Best Company, aiming to take the position as the premier in-home life insurance sales company serving working families in the United States. American life offers affordable whole life insurance and term life insurance policies to working families.

Whole life insurance gives coverage your entire life and rates never increase. Whole life policies also build cash value that the owner may borrow against for anything they may need. Term life insurance is a life insurance product that provides coverage for a specific term. For example select term years for 10, 15 or 20 years, with no premium increase. If the insured needs to extend coverage after the policy term, premiums will increase according to the client’s current age. Term life insurance is usually less costly than whole life products.

In addition to whole and term life products, American Income Life also includes:

Final Expensive Plan – Essentially a whole life policy designed specifically to cover the insured’s final expenses.
Terminal Illness Rider – This rider provides individuals diagnosed with a terminal illness the ability to get an accelerated benefit payment of half the policy’s value providing their life expectancy be within a year of diagnosis. It’s purchased and added to any insurance policy that AI Life sells.

American Income Life also sells some extended benefits coverage:

Accident Protection – Pays cash benefit when an individual is killed or injured accidentally.
Hospital indemnity – Helps to cover additional expenses related to long hospital stays required by illness or injury.
Cancer protection – This coverage can help by offering financial assistance with medical expenses and lost work while a patient receives cancer treatment.
Critical illness – This type of policy may provide financial assistance with paying out-of-pocket medical expenses for patients experiencing critical illnesses like a heart attack or stroke.

American Income Life Insurance & Working Families

One of the things that have made American Income Life Insurance stand out all of these years is their empathy for working families and making the life insurance process a convenient one by meeting individuals in their homes at times when it is most convenient for them. American Income Life prides themselves on their commitment to working and middle-class families.

American Income Life does not just insure policyholders; they champion causes that are meaningful to our policyholders. Giving back to the community is at the heart of American Income Life Insurance Company. Serving the communities they work with is vital to their success. In fact, giving saturates every facet of American Income Life and its subsidiaries. It is this charity that has awarded them the trust and loyalty of policyholders and the respect of the community.

While American Income Life predominately sells products to associations, particularly labor unions and credit unions. It also sells some group policies to schools, churches, 4-H Clubs, youth groups and more; Individuals may also purchase products from an American Income Life agent.

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