Finding Affordable Medicare Solutions and Benefit Plans

If you are age 65 or older, or have a disability, you are entitled to receive Medicare benefits to ensure you have affordable access to quality health benefit coverage. With a variety of plan options available, it is important to carefully choose a plan that provides you with comprehensive coverage and access to quality providers.…
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Primerica Life Insurance Company Review

The Primerica Life Insurance Company is an Atlanta-area life insurance company based in Duluth, GA. The company was founded in 1977 by insurance executive Arthur L. Williams, Jr. It was initially known as A.L. Williams & Associates; the company adopted the Primerica Life Insurance name in 1991. The company also owns a subsidiary insurance-affiliated securities broker-dealer, PFS Investments Inc. 18,000 of…
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Metropolitan Life Insurance company

Company Profile and History Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of New York City, was formed in 1863. It took the name Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in 1868 and became a mutual company in 1915. The company demutualized in 2000 and became a stock company. Its initial public offering was for $6.5 billion, the largest IPO at the time.…
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Does AAA Life Insurance Measure Up?

Life insurance is one of the most significant financial choices that you’ll ever make for you and your family. It’s essential that you make the best decision when it comes to protecting your family. With so many options, choosing the right life insurance company can be a long and tedious process. You may have heard…
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Voya Life Insurance Company Reviews

Formerly known as ING, Voya Life Insurance Company is providing premier financial services such as retirement, investment, and insurance services to approximately 13 million customers in the US.  ReliaStar Life Insurance Company underwrites Voya Life insurance policies. The company has top ratings across all four of the independent rating institutions. The rating institutions measure a…
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John Hancock Life Insurance Company Review

John Hancock Life Insurance Company offers straightforward and easy to understand term life products. Term life insurance plans provide guaranteed protection for a particular period such as 10, 15 and 20 years. Hancock life insurance term products can help provide for the family’s loss of wages, pay off mortgage and car loans, fund college tuition…
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Athene Life Insurance Company of New York Changes Hands

Were you a former policyholder with Athene Life Insurance Company of New York? Are you wondering what has happened in the last few years and why finding information on Athene is difficult? You are hardly alone. As of 2012, Athene announced an agreement to sell the Aviva life insurance business to Commonwealth Annuity and Life…
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United Life Insurance & Other Offerings

Life insurance isn’t something that most of us think about until something bad happens. Maybe a tornado blows through town, your house is robbed, or a fire is started. Those are moments when you want to know that you have proper protection. While most of us have car insurance, health insurance, and even home insurance…
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Does Life Insurance Pay If You Commit Suicide?

How is suicide handled in a life insurance policy? Does Life insurance Pay If you Commit Suicide? Suicide is defined in the dictionary as “the act of killing oneself intentionally.” Suicide has been called “a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” This unfortunately, is not an uncommon situation in modern day America because people live…
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Buy Non Medical Term Life Insurance

There are many types of life insurance coverage on the market today. Typically, when you obtain life insurance, you are required to fill out paperwork and submit medical tests for the insurance company to decide if you are suitable for coverage. A nurse or other health practitioner will ask in-depth questions. They even take blood…
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