Seven Dirty Lies About Colonial Penn Burial Insurance?

Colonial Penn Insurance provides a type of life insurance called burial insurance to consumers at affordable prices. The company focuses primarily on seniors and their loved ones. Colonial Penn’s whole life burial insurance plan is very popular among families as a way to cover final expenses when a loved passes away.  So in this article…
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What to Know About Farm Bureau Life Insurance

Farm Bureau life insurance is provided by a well-known insurance company that offers four types of life insurance. These include term life, whole life, universal life, and variable universal life insurance. Each of these coverage types is different and offers a unique plan that you can choose based on your needs. We’ll go over each of them,…
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AICPA Life Insurance Rates: Understanding the Plans

Life insurance is necessary because it ensures that if something happens to you, your family can make it through.   It provides money so that your spouse won’t have lots of debt to worry about. It allows you to make sure your kids can still go to the college of their choice. Life insurance might be…
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Top 10 Life Insurance Companies

  Finding quality, cheap life insurance may seem like an impossible challenge, but we are here to help you. There are a number of insurers providing customized insurance plans that will protect your family and help you reach your financial goals. The annual college football poll maybe the most widely anticipated list, however this list…
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