Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company Review


Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company Knows Insurance

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company knows life insurance is about taking care of the people you care about most. It gives them a sum of money you choose and may help protect them from the financial impact of your death.
The proceeds from a life insurance policy helps your loved ones pay monthly living expenses, keep their home and pay off debts, as well as covering final costs. It can also contribute to college tuition one day, maintain a family business or leave a legacy for your preferred charity. You have loved ones to protect, take 2 minutes with our life insurance calculator or financial planning tool and see how much life insurance you need.

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Guarantee’s Your Legacy

Life insurance may be right for you if-

• You want to provide for your loved ones
• Its important that your loved ones have financial protection.
• You’re interested in helping your family to keep their home
• You want your mortgage paid when you die. You do not want your family forced to vacate the home they love.
• You’re wanting to leave a legacy for your kids to go to college, even after you are gone.
• If anything happens to you, you want to help your children get a quality education…just the way you planned.
• You do not want to leave your family in debt
• Upon your death there will be unpaid personal debts. Moreover, you do not want your loved ones to have to pay your final expenses.

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company offers term life insurance

Get term life insurance that is affordable, straightforward coverage. It continues for a named period that you choose, and it is a good fit for covering short-term debts and needs.  With term life insurance your payment remains level, and your family is protected.

Term Life features:

Policy issue ages: 30 – 74 (policy remains in force until age 80)
Benefit amounts: $25,000 – $100,000
Need more than $100,000 of coverage? You can purchase from an agent.
No medical exam needed, only answer a few health questions

Mutual of Omaha has Permanent Life Insurance Products

A Mutual of Omaha permanent life insurance policy gives protection that lasts a lifetime. In addition, you may use the cash value while you are still living. The company provides two types of permanent insurance whole life and universal life.

Permanent Insurance Covers Long Term Needs Including:

• Cover final expenses
• Support your family with ongoing income
• Supplement retirement income
• Fund an estate or business continuation plan

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company has Whole Life

Whole life insurance protects your loved ones from the financial results of your death – now and in the future.
A Whole Life insurance policy has guaranteed premiums will not to increase.  It provides a death benefit to be paid to your beneficiaries, in addition to cash value that accumulates on a tax-deferred basis. You can also access the growth for monetary needs that might come up for you or your loved ones.

Whole life insurance may be a right choice for you if:

• You’re wanting long-term life insurance coverage.
• You want to cover final expenses such as medical or funeral costs or credit card debt
• You’re intending to leave something behind for a young person who is important to you
• You would like to supplement existing life insurance coverage

Mutual of Omaha Whole Life features-
Guaranteed coverage

Policy issue ages: 45 – 85 (in NY, ages 50-75)
Benefit amounts: $2,000 – $25,000
There are no medical exams or health questions to answer.
Mutual of Omaha Universal life insurance is permanent and flexible, therefore it gives you protection that continues for a lifetime or the length of the policy.

With universal life, the premiums and benefit amount are adjustable and, if your life insurance needs change later in life, you can increase or decrease the amount of coverage. Universal life insurance also has the possibility to build cash value on a tax-deferred basis. You will access the cash value through policy loans or withdrawals.

Universal life insurance might be right for you if-

• You need a death benefit amount that protects your loved ones from the financial outcomes of your death.
• You’re wanting to accumulate cash that can help with financial needs in the future. The death benefits can provide college funding, in addition to income for retirement or emergencies.
• You want the option to adjust premium payment amounts and frequency, as well as the ability to increase or reduce the death benefit amount.

Mutual of Omaha has four Universal life options

Life Protection Advantage SM, Income Advantage SM, Guaranteed Universal Life, AccumUL.  Each product has its set of benefits, therefore you should talk with a licensed professional about the right options for you.
Certain factors will affect the pricing of your life insurance product whether it is a term or permanent life product.

These factors include:

Your Age is factor because the younger you are, typically the longer you have left to live. Premium payments at a younger age are less costly.
Tobacco Habits, tobacco users have higher rates because usage puts you at an increased risk for health illnesses that can impact the number of years you live.
Gender, on average, women live longer than men, which means they pay lower rates for life insurance.
Health, healthy individuals or persons who diligently maintain their health conditions will pay less because they may live longer and therefore are a more favorable life insurance risk.
Death Benefit Amount, like most things, life insurance the more you buy, the greater the total cost. However, your cost per dollar of coverage could be less when you purchase a higher amount.
A licensed life professional can help you navigate towards the right Mutual of Omaha life insurance company product.

To find out about other lower priced options available to you, please click on our “View Your Quotes” button , in addition you can speak with a licensed agent by calling 866-936-3831. Gary W Blackmon is a licensed life insurance specialist.   The agency focuses on providing the lowest cost life insurance to customers from New York to California.