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Get Coverage to Protect Your Family with LIFE INSURANCE

Get $250,000 of Term Life Insurance Coverage starting at $15 per month

*Example above describes rates for a non smoking 40 year old male or non-smoking 40 year old female on a 10 year term policy.

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How does life insurance work?

Permanent life Insurance provides coverage that lasts a lifetime and can build cash value that can be used while living.
Term life insurance provides coverage for a specific leant of time and provides the most payout for the money. But does not build cash value. 

Who Needs Life Insurance?

There’s mote to life insurance then taking care of loved ones if you pass away. Life insurance can also be an essential part of a financial plan. In addition to helping to protect loved ones financially with a death benefit, some products can grow money on a tax-advantaged basis that can be used during one’s lifetime. The ability to meet more than one need makes life insurance a product that adds valuable flexibility to any portfolio. Talk to your financial professional if you think life insurance might be right for you.

Is Life Insurance Affordable?

Absolutely, it costs less than eating out, it costs less then bottled soda, it costs less then your cable bill and it certainly costs less then the $4 latte that some purchase each day. It allows you to leave a legacy of love for your family which is priceless!

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