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Whole life insurance special limited time Offer

Ordinary Whole Life Senior Special

When it comes to buying life insurance, it shouldn’t be complicated. You want to provide for your loved ones, to ensure they have the funds to cover expenses – like funeral costs, outstanding medical bills, the mortgage – even a college education for a child.


We specialize in simplified issue whole life insurance and thru a special limited time offer program we provide many individuals with the lowest life insurance rates in the nation.    For a limited time only the Simplified Ordinary Life Senior Special is now available and has been developed for seniors with underwriting risks accepted at standard rates through Table 4 ratings.


In other words you can still get great rates even if you some have some major chronic health conditions.    The Benefits are offered per annual premium units of $200.00 and $400.00 using five (5) year age groups with issue ages of 56 through 90 nearest birthday. There is no difference between smoking and non-smoking rates.    Listed below are the insurance face amounts shown by 5 year age groups determined by annual premium units of $200.00 and $400.00*.


You may purchase one (1) of each unit. For example at a 65 year old male may purchase 1 unit providing $4900 of life insurance costing $200.00 Annual premium and one (1) unit providing $9800 of life insurance coverage for a total of $14,700.00 of life insurance for $600.00 of Annual premium.

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Face Amount for $200

Annual Premium

Face Amount for $400

 Annual Premium*








































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*To determine what your premium would be if paying other than annually, use the calculations below: Semi-annual: .52 x Annual Premium Quarterly: .265 x Annual Prmium Monthly: .09 x Annual Premium